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Leisa Vincelette
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I am a YA fantasy writer, the mother of a type 1 diabetic nine-year-old, and I home school. When I'm not taking care of my family, I'm usually lost in my imaginings, bringing to life the worlds and people I meet there. All my life the two things I wanted to be the most were a mother and a writer. Since these are what bring me the most joy and most frustration, don't be surprised if you find I'm prone to ramble on and on about them here.

My books:

Wayworn (YA fantasy complete at 97,000 words)

Just when it seems Riana Layne is about to get everything she ever wanted, her life falls apart. So when a means of escaping her problems presents itself in the form of a doorway to another world, she doesn’t hesitate to walk through. But she quickly discovers she’s traded one broken world for another and her troubles are only beginning.

Dreamwalker (current wip)

Seventeen-year-old Rachel Dekker is an artist, a diabetic, and quite possibly crazy. At least, that’s what her friends and family think when she starts talking to and drawing pictures of a boy no one else can see. A boy without a face.

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