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Books I've read in 2012 (28-36)

28.  The Serpent’s Shadow  Rick Riordan ****  This was a great conclusion to the series.  It had all the adventure and high tension of the other two books, while still keeping plenty of character and emotional depth.  I’m kind of said to say goodbye to all the characters, but I can’t help but wonder if there might be a spinoff series at some point, like there is for Percy Jackson.

29.  Prom  Laurie Halse Anderson ***  The thing I liked most about this book was watching Ashley change from a passive life participant (just kind of letting things happen to her) to someone who makes her own choices and take charge of her own life.  There were certain things I was really rooting for her to do and was so glad when she finally woke up and made those changes to her life. 
30.  Spell Bound  Rachel Hawkins ***  This was a good end to the trilogy.  It was nice to finally see what happened next after the cliffhanger in the previous book.  I liked the way both the problems and their solutions were so complex and of course, I enjoyed seeing the characters again.  My only real quibble with the book (well, that I can say w/o spoilers.  I have another one too, regarding a character I really liked, but to say more than that would give away too much, methinks) was that there were one or two scenes near the climax that I felt were a little rushed, but otherwise, I liked the way this trilogy ended.
31.  The Last Echo  Kimberly Derting ****  This is my favorite out of the three books in the series.  I was a little cautious when I started it because I hadn’t liked the second book as much as the first, but this one blew it out of the water for me.  The tension was very high and even though I had an insanely busy schedule, I couldn’t put the book down. 
32.  The Pledge  Kimberly Derting ****  I’ll admit, before I started reading this, I was expecting a medieval fantasy world, not a far-distant future dystopian.  So it took me slightly longer than usual to sink into the world because of that, but once I did, I really enjoyed the book.  The rules regarding language and Charlie’s ability to understand them all were unique.  I felt the way she reacted to every new revelation was realistic.  I also liked that she had the strength to make some pretty tough choices.  My only real quibble was that there were a few scenes that were skipped over that I wish I could have seen.  Instead, the jumps over those scenes were jarring, leaving me feeling like I’d missed something.  But there were only 2 or 3 of those, so it wasn’t enough to really affect how much I liked the book.
33.  Liar’s Moon  Elizabeth C. Bunce ***  The plot for this really impressed me.  It was so complex and tightly written.  And every time I thought for sure the characters were finally going to get a little bit of a break, something else went wrong.  I really like Digger’s resourcefulness and how many chances she had to shine throughout the story. 
34.  Darkfall  Janice Hardy ****  I thought this was a great end to the trilogy.  I really liked seeing how Nya responded to everything that was happening.  She was so reluctant to not only play her role, but also to accept the attention that came with it.  Even with all the heroic things she was doing, she didn’t feel like a hero.  Her emotions and reactions were so complex and felt very real.  And her strong desire to avoid the spotlight was definitely something I can relate to.  But even though she was so reluctant, she did what she had to because she knew it was the right thing to do, even though the consequences were high for her.  I really admired that about her.  The only thing… her decision on the very last page felt a little off to me in light of how she felt/responded to everything else that had happened.  Otherwise, I really enjoyed this book.
35.  A Farewell to Charms  Lindsey Leavitt *****  While I am sad to see this series end because it’s so fun and lighthearted, yet with plenty of depth, this was a great end to it.  In the previous books, I loved being able to see the different princesses Desi subbed for, this what I really enjoyed about this one, was seeing more of her home life and how her job affected it as well as more of Façade itself. 
36.  The Unquiet  Jeanine Garsee *****  It’s been a long time since I’ve read a ghost story that hasn’t completely disappointed me.  That is not the case with this.  I loved it.  The characters are very well developed.  The tension is strong all throughout.  The story was definitely creepy, and the ending was perfect.  The story kept me guessing.  Even though I had ideas on what was going on, I never knew exactly what it was until everything was revealed.  I especially loved how I could never tell if what was happening was real or if it was all in Rinn’s head. 
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