Leisa Vincelette (fandoria) wrote,
Leisa Vincelette

Moving update

It's been a crazy madhouse here the past few weeks.  Aside from the normal routine of home school, errands, church responsibilities, and (for my husband) work, we've been busy scheduling appointments, getting together with friends we'll miss when we're gone, going through and getting rid of the remainder of the stuff we didn't declutter when getting the house ready for market, and trying to sneak in a few moments to just rest. 

We had our initial household goods assessment done two weeks ago and last week we scheduled the movers.  They'll be packing up all our belongings on the 26th and loading them (and our cars) on the truck and shipping them out on the 27th.  They're estimated to arrive in San Jose by April 14.  This means we'll be living up to three weeks without any furniture.  All we'll have is what we can cram into 3 checked bags.  We won't even have carry-ons because we're bringing our three cats on the plane with us and they're considered carry-ons.  It's going to be interesting.  At least Bosch is providing us with two rental cars until ours arrive.  So T and I won't be stuck in an empty house (literally) the whole time. 

Last week, I took the cats to the vet to get their checkups and vaccines so we can take them on the plane.  Their reactions when we got home gave me a small-scale idea of how they'll probably react to being put on a plane and brought to a strange place and never seeing their home again.  Basically, Stormy (who is afraid of life) ran and hid under the bed, Chloe (who hates the world) ran around hissing at everything that moved and refused to eat for 2 days, and Pumpkin (who is just along for the ride) started whining for her dinner. 

Today, we scheduled our offical move date and booked our one-way flights to California for the 30th.  So this is it.  It's really happening.  (Not that we didn't reach the point of no return weeks ago....)  We've only got 18 more day left in New York.  I've got so many mixed feelings.  I'm so excited for the move and to start a new chapter in our lives and the adventures that await us, but I have spent the past 10 years of my life in New York and it's rather grown on me (except for the over abundance of evil white stuff, of course).  T has spent his entire life here.  He's lived in this house since he was 9 months old.  We have so many memories here.  It's sad to say goodbye to our house, to our friends, to Chriss' family.  I'm sad to leave my nature trail behind and Green Lake and the breathtakingly beatiful springs and autumns.  But I am thrilled to be only an hour from the ocean and so close to real mountains again.  And to be only a day's travel from my family... 

It's probably fortunate that I've been too busy to really think about it otherwise I'd have a much harder time leaving.  As it is, my last week here and having to say goodbye to all the people here that I've grown to really care about is going to be really tough.  So we're doing our best to make the most of our remaining days here and looking forward with hope for all the possibilities that await us. 
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